John Kevin Dorsey looking for daughters

Wishful thinking. I think I have two daughters. I have no proof. None of the potential moms ever approached me over the years to say we were having a baby or that I had a daughter. The oldest my daughters could be is 26. The youngest one could be is 21. I went to Kent state university between 1986-1993. Of the five possible moms of my two daughters… The are from the following locations: two from Mansfield Ohio. One from Lima Ohio. One from Saginaw Michigan. One from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am 47 years old. Light skinned African American. I am a drummer and a bass player. I graduated from Kent State University in 1993. In my vision one daughter is biracial and light skinned. The other daughter is chocolate brown. If one of my daughters is age 21 then her mother would be from Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1993 when she was conceived. If my daughters are older than 21 then their Moms are from Mansfield, Lima or Saginaw Michigan.

If you think you are one of my daughters or if the two of you are twins please email me at

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