James R Gooley- I’m Adopted And Looking For My Paternal Parents


 This blog post category is for adopted children looking for paternal parents.

Click on Post and provide as much information you feel comfortable with that would help your paternal parents recognize you, a date, time, place of birth, place of birth, your photo and a message etc. Then Send your post to joeyv66@gmail.com.

After reviewing your post for suitability it will be posted under the category you requested and will available for comments and replies.

Best wishes,
Joe Verola

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  1. James R Gooley

    Looking for father. I was born June 1969 in Hamilton Ontario. My birth mothers name was Diane Lade. I was adopted into a nice family. No regrets. All I know is that my father may have been in the Canadian arm forces. Would like to know how my father is


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